Hodgepodge of Movies

I know...bad blogger...fell behind - by an entire month! Inexcusable. Fast & furious. Go.

So here goes...

The Young Victoria - beautiful, really enjoyed it

Alice in Wonderland in 3D - loved and hated - toss up!

Pray the Devil Back to Hell - intense documentary about women standing together for peace in Liberia - really well done!

Margot at the Wedding - such a downer - couldn't even finish it

Gran Torino - took about an hour for me to get into...but it got better...still didn't love it

Gentleman Broncos - was excited to see this - it was weird - not in a good way

Everybody's Fine - sort of a throw away with a strong cast

Post Grad - silly and pointless

Ponyo - adorable and charming

Bollywood Hero - Chris Katan goes to India. 'Nuff said.

The Men Who Stare at Goats - took 3 watchings to get through, that's not a good thing right?

Broken Embraces - Pedro Almodovar. What happened dude? Completely boring and nonsensical