Inception is a trippy highly enjoyable ride.  It's tense and unusual and challenges you to stay with it until the very end.  The effects, camerawork, editing, and lighting are simply top notch.  I love it when films are visually enthralling the way this one is.     
British director Christopher Nolan has certainly gathered a large American fanclub.  He brings something new to the screen every time and we have him to thank for such cinematic treats such as Memento and The Dark Knight.  He also has a tendency to cast people repeatedly which links his films in an interesting way and furthers his status as an auteur.  Next up?  We wait for his latest Batman escapade.  Can't wait.

p.s. just as enjoyable during a second viewing - although I might have over-thought it - just a little bit...

The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a true story of a young kid in Memphis who rose to great heights in football largely due to the kind heart of a Leigh Anne Touhy who helped him when she saw someone who needed assistance.  It's a sweet story and in many ways unbelievable.  Most of us aren't lucky enough to know a person quite as open and kind.  While the movie was successful in many ways I don't necessarily understand all the accolades it got this past year during award season.  Sandra Bullock certainly stepped out of her comfort zone to be sure, but best performance of the year?  I'm just not sure.  As for the film as a whole, it's a phenomenal story - not necessarily an incredible movie.  It is certainly worth the watch.

The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is an adaptation of a very popular book of the same name. Having not read the book I thought I might be in a better position to enjoy the movie, as general wisdom is - the book is always better. Sadly, the movie left me feeling a bit...bored, confused, and ready for bedtime.

The book came out in 2002 however I was reminded in so many ways of other stories I had recently experienced...that of the LOST television series and The Imaginirum of Dr. Parnassus.

I was with it for the first 20 minutes or so. I thoroughly enjoyed the pace, photography, style, and acting. Then it just lost me. To be fair, a story about a murdered child and a serial killer isn't really my cup of tea but I went in ready for anything and fully hoped I would find it engaging. Director Peter Jackson wowed us all tackling The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Perhaps my expectations were too high, not sure.

Sidebar: The main character of Susie is played by young Saoirse Ronan and if you haven't seen her in Atonement you are seriously missing out. She's phenomenal. At only 13 years old, she was nominated for oodles of awards for the role.


Twi-hards. Thanks for reading this. Seriously. No one else is. Okay, best thing about the latest installment for Edward, Bella, and Jacob: the wolves - hands down. They were just as beautifully animated and just as believable characters as in New Moon. Worst thing? Probably the addition (or rather replacement) of a an actress. Our heroine Bella has been on the run from a certain pissed off vampire named Victoria for two movies now. This time around, with a bigger budget and more star-power the film's creators opted to switch out actress Rachelle Lefevre for a bigger name: Bryce Dallas Howard (yup, Opie's daughter). I have absolutely nothing against her but she was horrifically wrong for this role. It's like some moron said "hey, she's got bright red hair and she's famous...she's perfect". Fail.

Truthfully, the pacing was a bit off and the transitions lacked subtlety. There were silly close ups and odd cuts but still it was enjoyable escapist entertainment. Was anyone out there hoping for anything else? Overall the movie is pretty true to the book. It's the most slow paced of all the stories to be sure but we finally get to see Jacob make his stand. It's true teenage stuff...sweet, hormonal, dramatic.

patience will be rewarded

movie friends. you are awesome. you are dedicated. YOU have been waiting for posts for months now. THIS is unacceptable...and this weekend, it all changes. expect not one, not two, but potentially three reviews and there will be more in the future. promise. ;)