Tron Legacy

Going into Tron Legacy I didn't expect much.  All that really took me there was nostalgia from my childhood and an excitement to hear Daft Punk's score.  I was shocked to find myself thoroughly enjoying this slick reboot.

It's clean like its predecessor and I feel that is in a way what makes it stand out.  It's a family friendly sci-fi, which given the current state of affairs these days is a welcome and refreshing change of pace.   The story is simple and the characters aren't terribly complex however the glorious CG landscapes and creative art direction envelop the viewer and draw you in deeper than you really want to go.  Regretfully I watched this on a plane on a tiny screen with my headphones on.

No Strings Attached

Welllllll, I really don't know why I keep subjecting myself (and you) to these movies.  Right now, the romantic comedy genre is in a very steep tailspin.  The days of When Harry Met Sally seem to be behind us for the time being. 

No Strings Attached tells the uninteresting friendship story between Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and it's dying for a little sass.  There are occasional jollies to be had but overall this flick lacked all the sweet charm that makes romance work on the big screen.  There was little to no chemistry between the actors and the storyline followed a predictably lame path.


Heartbreaker is a fun watch!  It's currently on instant view on Netflix and I highly recommend it.  It's a French film that takes place primarily in Monte Carlo.  Essentially, we follow a band of break-up specialists whose jobs are to go in and ruin relationships.  It's sexy and witty.  Trailer here


Taken is the sort of depressing fare that might be a good date movie.  I say this because the ladies will be tensely uncomfortable for a couple hours and yearning for some protection afterwards.  I didn't really love this one.  It was suspenseful overall but everything felt so cliche and tired.  Sorry Liam.

Life As We Know It

I am having a difficult time proving any form of legitimacy as a serious movie-lover with my choices these days.  When the going gets tough, Danielle looks for ridiculous.  Thus, I present to you dear readers Life As We Know It.  Far be it from me to try and deter you from a chill evening at home watching this movie with a bottle of wine while you're drinking away your sorrows over some failed relationship.  However, I'd like to suggest you put this one aside and reach for something a bit less...terrible.  Seriously. 

Morning Glory

Now for the onslaught of reviews that are short, sweet, and to the point.  I've been VERY behind on these.  Morning Glory hit closer to home than I anticipated.  Rachel McAdams plays a TV morning show producer desperate to save a flailing show.  She's stuck with two persnickety hosts (Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford) and a barrage of other difficulties.  Overall, not very funny.  In fact, even by my standards - it was too fluffy.  That's saying something.  As much as I love legit award-winning film making I'm far from being above a good rom com or cheeseball summer blockbuster.  Next!