The Invention of Lying

Umm, boring? How sad to say that. I love Jennifer Garner and Ricky Gervais. It was tough to get through though, not gonna lie. I think a good night of watching your latest DVR'ed showed would be much more entertaining. Wah. Wah.

Coco Before Chanel

It appears I DO have a theme this month. Shoddy relationships and fashion. Well, do the Na'vi in "Avatar" have a sense of fashion? Yes, I guess they do.

Moving on. "Coco Before Chanel" is a biopic about the early days of French designer and icon "Coco". It's currently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design which is would rightly deserve if it wins. At times, there were almost snapshots from another beautiful fashionable film - "My Fair Lady". Overall, it was slow moving narrative but the film was gorgeous to look at.

Avatar IMAX 3D

I am so far behind on these reviews it's not even funny. Call it laziness. Blame a new job. Hate on the super mild somewhat gorgeous winter we've been having in the Northwest. Whatever. I'm sorry. Anyway, just like those awesome animated bunnies who tell complete movie plots in 30 seconds or less (click here, you won't be disappointed) are my quick and easy - down and dirty latest 3 reviews.

Avatar. Avatar. Best picture of the year? Really? It bears repeating. Best picture of the year. Give me an effing break. I am not going to deny the impact and sheer beauty of the impressive visuals on display in this film but the story lacks any significant punch. It's almost an afterthought based on basic plot lines that aren't very engaging. The character development disappears after about the first hour or so...and yes - you still have two more hours to go after that. The movie is fun and entertaining to be sure but picture of the year? You be the judge.

A Single Man

"A Single Man" is based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood and it's easy to see how it would be a good read. As a film however it gets a bit too lethargic for my tastes with long drawn out editorial while the audience is supposed to be disappearing into the narrative. It's the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford and it's clear that his style sensibility was front and center. The design of the film is positively exquisite. With the help of the team from the TV series "Mad Men" the style of 1960s is undeniably its own character in this film.

The most notable and clear standout of the film however is Colin Firth's Oscar nominated performance as George Falconer, a man mourning the loss of his partner. It's tragic and invites you to ache with him as he copes. While not the most uplifting movie it still provides an escape for the viewer as you are transported to another era to experience the painful journey along with Falconer.

The trailer is here.

Love Happens

Not in this movie it doesn't. Okay, so I was going for a theme this month, obviously. It's officially over. This movie was TERRIBLE. Arg. What a waste of time. I knew better. But I did it anyway.

Margot at the Wedding

umm, too depressing and boring.  didn't even finish it.

New York, I Love You

"New York, I Love You" is brought to us by the same producer of "Paris, Je T'aime". Like the Parisian love poem, it's also a collaborative film from notable directors, writers, and actors coming together to create short stories of love in The Big Apple. While it was enjoyable to be sure, the artistry and cinematic cleverness present in "Paris Je T'aime" is severely lacking.

Trailer is here.